Food law

We draw up:
  • legal analyzes

  • interpretations

  • appeals against decisions of authorities

  • official correspondence

Cosmetics law

We provide:
  • safety reports
  • lists of tests to be carried out before drawing up the report
  • designs for the content and artwork of the packaging
  • evaluation of product claims
  • notification in the CPNP

Materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

We provide:
  • assessment of the product documentation or the packaging in which the product is packed, e. g.
    bottle, paper, foil

  • lists of tests confirming safety

  • interpretation of test results in terms of compliance with the requirements


Opinions that we can develop include but are not limited to:
  • comment on the compliance of a health claim with a permitted claim based on scientific data
  • justification of product qualification in legal and practical context
  • interpretation of results of ingredient or product safety tests
  • assessment of the legitimacy of submitting an application to the European Commission for novel food authorization


We offer:
  • assessment of product composition and designation in legal terms

  • legal and scientific justification of the adopted qualification

  • proposed adjustments of product composition and labelling